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2-Day Show In Chicago.

Super early exhibitor registrations are now open. Secure your spot and get the best pricing before May 2025.

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Creating end Consumer Pull

One of the main challenges the cannabis drinks category faces is to create end consumer demand. CDE 2024 will be hosting 2 workshops of 100 people each where end consumers, the canna curious will be invited. These consumers can also walk the floor later to get educated.

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1 City. 2 Days. Chicago

2025 CDE will be a 2 day Chicago show making it a more concentrated show. 2 Day programming will allow professionals from all over the US and Canada to attend the show.

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Product Showcase Pavillion

There will be a product showcase area of 100 cannabis beverages. Each showcase will have one display of the product, a table tent with product information. Buyers will be able to walk the area requesting more information with a QR code placed on each product display.


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Broadening The Category

Involving CPG, Hemp, Delta 9, Beverage and Alcohol Beverage Category in Cannabis Drinks Expo via more programming of conferences and workshops.

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Leading Through Uncertainty | Wendy Berger

Join Sid, CEO of Cannabis Drinks Expo & Beverage Trade Network, in an insightful conversation with Wendy Berger, Board Member at Green Thumb Industries (GTI).

Event Schedule 2022

Morgan MFG

Synergies Between Alcohol and Cannabis Beverage Industries

One approach for cannabis companies to consider when seeking to develop and grow their beverage brands is to look at similarities in the alcohol industry. Established beverage alcohol organizations that comprise the 3-tier system not only understand how to bring a beverage product to market, but also how to do so in a highly regulated environment that is fragmented by differences in regulations on a state-by-state basis. Addressing consumer demand for adult-use beverages that are safe and have a consistent quality flavor profile means building partnerships along the supply chain that protect product integrity, including distribution, logistics, merchandising, and compliance. These dynamics bring synergistic opportunities between the alcohol and cannabis ecosystems, that, when leveraged and tailored for the cannabis drinks category, can extract value and contribute to overall category growth.

How to raise funds and how to allocate the funds in early years ?

Luke Anderson is a co-founder of Cann. Luke co-created Cann to be showcased as the first cannabis product for someone new to the cannabis category. Residing in Venice, CA, Luke is making it his mission to share how Cann is the perfect option for a new wave of cannabis consumers looking for a guilt-free social buzz. Luke focuses on highlighting how Cann is not just for those exploring cannabis, but to anyone who is looking to moderate or reduce their alcohol consumption. At Chicago conference he will be speaking on " How to raise funds and how to allocate the funds in early years ? "

A New Cannabis Consumer Has Arrived ... And She’s Thirsty

Listen to a panel of expert cannabis research, brand, and PR consultants discuss the things that matter most to cannabis beverage consumers. Using current data and research insights, they’ll contextualize industry trends, connect the dots, and help us better understand what’s driving the industry’s fastest-growing segment. Join bestselling author David Paleschuck as he moderates an industry expert panel including Lisa Weser, and Alison Disney.

Panelists :

David Paleschuck : Cannabis Branding, CPG Branding Expert, Consultant, Author

Lisa Weser : The Cannabis Publicist, Founder at, CPG Marketer & Brand Strategist

Allison Disney : Partner | Business Strategy at Receptor Brands

- Joshua Littlejohn : CoFounder, Highgrade Syrups

Developing a Female-Led Cannabis Beverage Brand

As the very first Executive Director of Illinois Women in Cannabis, Amor leads a vibrant community of women interested in working in Illinois’ nascent regulated cannabis industry. IWC champions women with diverse backgrounds, entrepreneurial spirits, and innovative ideas, and so does Amor. Amor along with other Panelists will share their insights and perspective on "Developing a Female-Led Cannabis Beverage Brand".


Panelists :

Amor Montes De Oca : Executive Director at Illinois Women in Cannabis

Wendy Berger : Board Member at Green Thumb Industries (GTI), CEO & President WBS Equities, LLC

Lisa Hurwitz : President of Happi

Meagen Anderson : Director of Wholesale, Highway Horticulture

Technical sourcing and making products

Cailey Greenberg along with Lauren Barrett and Seng Robertson will be a part of the panel discussing on Technical sourcing and making products in Cannabis Industry. This Panel will be moderated by Ankita Okate, Chief Communciations and Global Growth Officer at Beverage Trade Network.


Panelists :

Cailey Greenberg : Lead Counsel, Cannabis at The Boston Beer Company

Lauren Barrett : Global Beverage Innovation Manager, BevZero

Seng Robertson : Technical Director, Cannabis Research and Development, The Boston Beer Company

How to Build Buzz for Your Beverage Brand

With over twenty years of experience working inside some of the world’s most admired companies, Lisa has earned a reputation for building culturally relevant consumer brands through creative campaigns and flawless execution within high-stakes, regulated environments. 

How a Wider Range of Product Formats & Dosing Options Make Cannabis More Accessible?

Kate Lynch is the Executive Vice President of Marketing for Curaleaf, parent company of Curaleaf, Select, Grassroots and Endless Coast brands. Kate leads the company’s 360-degree marketing operations and commercialization efforts across the company’s 22-state footprint for all three brands.

The Case of the Curious Cannabis Consumer: Why your beverage consumers might not be who you think

THC beverages have been heralded as a true "crossover" category within cannabis, appealing to a more mainstream consumer group that might enjoy the drinking experience but avoid inhaling cannabis. Yet, even with mounting efforts from marketers to bring in these new consumers to the THC beverage category, the data shows that it is experienced cannabis consumers who are in fact the core cannabis drinks consumer, not soccer moms or the "cannacurious."

For brands in the THC beverages category, the focus should be on experienced cannabis users who are willing to buy now while investing more in getting mainstream consumers into the dispensary through broader marketing and education campaigns.

Brightfield Group would like to discuss how some brands are getting it right, and how others may want to pivot their near term marketing strategies until those soccer moms are ready to visit the dispensary. 

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