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Wild Goose–Meheen: Canning and Bottling Solutions Provider

Two premier brands that came together to serve canning and bottling needs of the craft beer and beverage industry.


Washington-based bottling line manufacturer Meheen Manufacturing has merged with Colorado’s Wild Goose Canning. Both firms will continue to offer the same products, services, and support following the merger. Wild Goose Canning – Meheen Manufacturing aims at designing, engineering and manufacturing world-class beverage canning and bottling solutions for premium craft producers who demand quality without compromise. Each precision Wild Goose – Meheen system is expertly crafted to customer specifications to ensure the quality and consistency of every batch from tank to can or bottle.

Can Filling Beverage division:

Wild Goose Canning is the leading canning system designer and manufacturer in the craft brewing industry. They design and hand-build custom systems that allow craft producers to create their highest quality products with unprecedented precision and versatility through innovative engineering and experience. It happened on a summer afternoon in Boulder, Colorado when neighbour Upslope Brewing knocked on the door of the Wild Goose Engineering firm, asking for help troubleshooting a slow, faulty canning system. A few beers later, founders realized not only could they fix the system; they could also build a better one from the ground up.

Wild Goose Canning

With that success, Wild Goose Canning launched its first model of the canning system at the 2011 Craft Brewers Conference and left with nearly 200 customer requests. Wild Goose Canning’s innovations revolutionized seaming process to provide the best can integration in the industry, and also gave rise to the mobile canning industry, allowing small craft producers to get their premium product into customer hands.

Since then, Wild Goose Canning has catered to independent craft beverage producers seeking a high-quality, small-footprint canning system that cans product reliably and affordably. Wild Goose Canning’s state-of-the-art machines are helping craft producers all over the world achieve their best canned beer, cider, wine, coffee, spirits, juice and more from manual to automated to mobile systems.

Wild Goose Canning solutions are custom-made and precision engineered to meet each of their customer’s individual needs. Each Wild Goose Canning system is expertly designed and engineered to customer specifications at our Boulder, Colorado facility using only precision parts.

They designed their patented Wild Goose Canning inline seamer specifically for carbonated or pressurized canning applications. The unique hybrid pneumatic/cam-driven inline design offers the same precision and robustness as a rotary system with similar or better dissolved oxygen pickup levels at a lower cost. The result we get is a smallest, fastest seamer in its class. Wild Goose Canning systems have an intuitive and user-friendly full-color touch screen interface. Their patented fill technology gives user an unparalleled control over flow rate, fill volume and foam on each individual fill head in real time.

Bottle Filling Beverage division:

Meheen Manufacturing's  bottle filling and carbonating technologies are designed and engineered to make premium craft beverage bottling highly profitable and easier. Our Bottling systems are built over a decades of brewing, carbonating and filling. Meheen ensures the quality and consistency of every batch from tank to bottle through its years of experience in this industry.

Meheen Manufacturing

Meheen Bottle Fillers and Labelers are trusted by Craft Beverage producers worldwide. They also offer Tank Management systems to protect your product.

Meheen Tank Manager protects the contents of your brite tank and ensures of high quality fills at the time of bottling. Their  filling technologies help premium brands ramp up bottling production quickly and efficiently. A Meheen fully-automated, pneumatic powered filler can produce up to 2,300 bottles per hour and help you increase distribution, revenues and profit margins from the first bottle and beyond. Meheen fillers are designed to optimize your limited floor space and turn it into a large scale production zone. Bottle pre-evacuation, controlled pressures and long fill tubes which help in calm pours, low O2 pick-up and low product loss for a consistent, quality product bottle after bottle. Meheen fillers are pneumatically powered for long-term reliability. There are no motors, gears or bearings to maintain. This machine has low annual maintenance costs. Their operating system helps you monitor and control fill rates, counter pressure, CO2 pulse/fobbing and other aspects of your filling process at the touch of a button.

The Meheen Tank Manager was designed to help brew masters monitor and control their product by precisely managing temperature and carbonation levels both in product and in tank head space. The Tank Manager will become an invaluable partner, allowing you to achieve consistent production while eliminating the time consuming steps of manual carbonation. Just like your thermostat at home, set the Meheen Tank Manager to your exact CO2 specifications and be ready to bottle or keg your beverage in no time.

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