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Wild Goose Filling

Meet the team of Wild Goose Filling at the 2021 Cannabis Drinks Expo this November

Start your journey with Wild Goose Filling. As pioneers in canning and bottling, our engineering innovation and renowned support sets us apart. When you belong to the Wild Goose "Flock," you can depend on our long-term commitment to your success.

Like most good stories, the Wild Goose history starts with beer. In 2010, Wild Goose was a small and nimble engineering firm in Boulder, Colorado carving out a niche through creative solutions to customer problems. Some friends of ours operated a brewery next door with an unreliable canning line, and they requested Wild Goose’s inventive engineering expertise to get it running. We accepted the challenge, but it quickly became so much more.

We got obsessed with helping our friends on this challenge: designing and building a canning system that was crafted from the ground up to support their product quality — a system built around their customer experience. We launched our official Wild Goose canning line a few months later at the 2011 Craft Brewers Conference and came away with dozens of orders and a renewed purpose.

And then things got interesting.

Wild Goose Filling

In Frame: Filling technology at Wild Goose Filling

Call it our “Oh Shit!” moment. We realized building a great machine is not enough. Something more is needed, too. As the orders continued to fly in, we found a new imperative in being there for our customers when they called us: any time, every time. We took a page from our brewing friends who modeled what true customer service looks like in their breweries: to be accessible, to be knowledgeable, to be real.

Over the next decade, beverage customers of every size, shape, and style around the world began using Wild Goose systems under our wing. Together, we became the “Flock.” The Flock drives us. As part of our Flock, we are committed to your success, including every step you take along the way.

Wild Goose Filling’s origins stem from our obsession with the customer experience: a harmony of innovative engineering, manufacturing excellence, and trust that we will be here for our Flock today and in the years to come.

Because packaging days shouldn’t suck.

But this isn’t really about the Wild Goose story. It’s about yours. We want to know where your journey started and where your passion may take you.

As long as you can handle a few bird puns along the way, Wild Goose is here to help you fly.