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Meet the team of PakTech at the 2021 Cannabis Drinks Expo in November

Discover your next sustainable packaging solution for your CBD products. Made from 100% recycled and recyclable HDPE plastic, PakTech handles are the smart, sustainable and simple packaging solution. Your primary source for secondary packaging.

PakTech is the leading producer of 100% recycled and recyclable secondary packaging. Founded in 1991, they are a family-owned and operated business and headquartered in Eugene, Oregon.

PakTech’s commitment to quality is paralleled by its commitment to the environment. They are dedicated to bringing the highest quality packaging to the market with the least environmental impact.

PakTech handles are made with 100% recycled HDPE resin such as recycled milk jugs and similar unpigmented containers. Second life PakTech handles are also reusable and 100% recyclable. When PakTech handles are recycled, they often see the third life as composite lumber, flower pots, park benches, new PakTech handles, and more.

PakTech focuses on a sustainable approach by applying the reduce, reuse and recycle concept across every business decision. This means that sustainability is not merely a guiding principle but truly underpins the whole production cycle of PakTech’s packaging solutions.

PakTech carriers feature a minimalistic design using the least amount of material. While other secondary packaging options wrap and surround products, PakTech carriers snap at the top letting the product shine for itself.

PakTech also offers automated application versatility. You can apply the handles by hand or utilize their automated applicators ranging in speed fit for any job. PakTech applicators are efficient, reliable, versatile and the smart multipack packaging solution.

From design to final handle application PakTech’s responsiveness, rapid turn-around time, and comprehensive product offerings separate them from their competition. Tremendous value is what they offer and deliver.

PakTech will be exhibiting at the 2021 Cannabis Drinks Expo. Get your visitor pass today and see how they can help you.