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Meet the team of Microfluidics International Corporation at the 2021 Cannabis Drinks Expo in November

Oil-based ingredients, such as CBD oil, don’t mix well with water and will separate out over time. By first forming a nanoemulsion, these smaller oil particles will remain in suspension, creating a stable clear beverage.

Microfluidics International Corporation, the manufacturer of Microfluidizer® high-shear fluid processors, is a leader in developing processing equipment that is used to produce micro-and nano-scale materials which are used in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors.

This technology has been applied to help manufacturers in the CBD sector create high-quality, clear beverages. If raw CBD oil is mixed straight into the water, it won’t be long before the oil and water separate out, leaving an inferior product that is unattractive to consumers.  By first processing CBD oil and reducing its particle size to a nanoemulsion, it means the oil can be successfully incorporated into a beverage without this separation, the oil and water will remain mixed.  This offers a shelf-stable, superior product.  In addition, the nano-size of the particles gives liquids a transparent appearance which is invaluable in the creation of clear drinks.

The technology is available from development-scale volumes right up to full-scale manufacturing – the results achieved at each stage are directly scalable.

Microfluidizer® technology enables some of the world’s top companies to create superior products, develop intellectual property, improve process efficiency and capitalize on new revenue streams. They set the standard for nanoemulsion applications - our technology delivers unrivaled results in creating uniform nanoemulsions.