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Keef Brands - USA`s Top Cannabis Infused Drinks Manufacturer

Keef Brands is a prominent name in Cannabis Infused Drinks Product Line and it is making a huge impact in the partially legalized United States Cannabis Market.

Keef Brands develops, produces, and distributes multiple cannabis-infused product lines through the Keef, OilStix, and VitaCanna brands. These products include beverages, edibles, and CO2-extracted oil for vape cartridges. Founded in Boulder, CO, the company has been at the forefront of innovation around social cannabis product development and education since 2010.

Keef Brands was founded by Scott, Kelly and Eric Knutson in the year 2010 at Boulder, Colorado, US. Unlike other edibles that can take up to two hours to take full effect, Keef’s cannabis-infused beverages offer full effects in as little as 15 minutes of consumption, leading to a more real-time and responsible consumption experience.  In 2015, Keef's Bubba Kush Root Beer won Best Edible at the High Times Cannabis Cup, beating out over 150 entries from across the United States. Keef Brands products are currently available at over 800 dispensaries across Colorado, California, Arizona, and Puerto Rico. Keef, or kief, is a heavy concentration of trichomes consisting of high levels of THC and other cannabinoids.

Keef Brands have 7 product categories

  • Keef Cola
  • Keef Sparkling
  • Keef Life
  • Keef Shots
  • Keep Pax Pods
  • OilStix
  • Vitacanna

Keef Cola

Keef Cola

Carbonated beverages infused with THC. Keef Colas are infused with a dose of vitamin C and B-3-6-12. They come in an assortment of flavors such as Blue Dream (a Hybrid strain with raspberry flavor), Purple Passion (an Indica strain that tastes like grape soda), High Octane (a Sativa strain compared to Mountain Dew), Bubba Kush Root Beer (an Indica Strain, voted best flavor of the 2015 High Times Magazine), Keef Cola (a cola original), Lemonade Grenade, Menert Mule, and Orange Kush (a Hybrid strain orange soda). Each cola has 10 mg of THC in a 12 oz bottle.


Keef Life

Keep Life

Wake up those boring taste buds and sleepy brain with the Cranberry-Lime Keef Life drink from Keef Brands. This non-carbonated, fruity drink is made with CO2-extracted cannabis oil, reverse osmosis water, agave, monk fruit and natural flavours, which make it extra tangy and smooth with just a hint of cannabis taste. This 100 percent sativa drink is fast-acting and a great way to consume cannabis, as it’s refreshing during the daytime. Its effects produce an uplifted mood, inspiration and euphoria, as well as energy, mental focus and creativity. Be careful not to over-serve yourself if you have a list of tasks to accomplish because the effect of this drink is strong. We’ve noticed that cannabis drinks can react differently than edibles, meaning they don’t always take two hours to fully kick in and can produce a smoother effect. It’s also just nice to give your lungs a break from smoking. Each bottle is 12 ounces and contains 100mg, which can be divided into 10 servings.

Keef Sparkling

Keef Sparkling

Keef Sparkling is Cannabis infused sparkling water. It has zero calories and zero sugar. It comes in two flavours Blood Orange and Lemon.

Keef Shots

Keef Shots

Keef Shots is available in three flavours Purple Passion with 300 Mg THC, Lemonade with 100 Mg THC and Blue Razz with 300 Mg THC.

Keef Pax Pods

Keef Pax Pods

Keef Pods include high potency distillate combined with popular terpene profiles. It comes in Three Flavours

  • Strawberry Diesel
  • Bubba Kush
  • GS Cookies



OilStix Technology vaporizers are sleek, stylish, and discrete. The ceramic atomizer provides increased performance and efficacy for an enhanced vape experience. Keef produces the OilStix line of vape pens and Full Spectrum CO2 Oil products. It produces Ultra Kit which consists of Cartridge, Battery and Charger. It also sells OilStix Ultra Cartridge product which is a 500 Mg Cartridge.



The VitaCanna line of advanced cannaceutical blends and ratios provides a perfect liquid delivery system of cannabis-based relief. It comes in four flavours.

  • VitaCanna Nanoemulsified Hemp CBD Oil Spray
  • VitaCanna Sour Cherry
  • VitaCanna Green Apple
  • VitaCanna Strawberry

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