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Industrial Sonomechanics

Meet the team of Industrial Sonomechanics at the 2021 Cannabis Drinks Expo this November

The Pitch.

ISM provides ultrasonic equipment and formulations for those who would like to produce their own water-soluble nanoemulsions from CBD and THC (or other bioactives), which can then be used to infuse beverages and edibles.

A Little Bit More.

Industrial Sonomechanics (ISM) provides high-intensity ultrasonic technology and formulations for the production of nanoemulsions (aka. water-soluble CBD and THC) in liquid and powder form. Our Barbell Horn® based ultrasonic processors allow our customers to scale up their production, always guaranteeing reproducible post-scale-up results. Our ultrasonic liquid processors can output extremely high amplitudes (over 100 microns) at any scale. 

Customers who would like to produce translucent nanoemulsions of hydrophobic bioactive compounds, such as cannabis extracts (a.k.a. water-soluble CBD and THC), vitamins, essential oils, terpenes, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals, but do not have the capability or desire to develop their own formulations and processing procedures can take advantage of our all-in-one NanoStabilizers®. NanoStabilizers® are designed to work with ISM laboratory, bench and industrial ultrasonic processors and comes with step-by-step processing instructions.

Industrial Sonomechanics will be exhibiting in San Francisco on November 11, 2021, and in Chicago on November 15, 2021. Get your visitor pass today and see how they can help you.