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Meet the team of HighBridge Premium at the 2021 Cannabis Drinks Expo in November

At HighBridge Premium our goal is to be a niche leader in the cannabis beverage marketplace. We are producing premium THC Infused products that stand apart from the competition. HighBridge is PREMIUM BY NATURE - Enjoy!

HighBridge Premium is a North American cannabis company that develops and markets THC-infused beverages,  where quality is above all else.  Delivering our premium products to the consumers in the cannabis marketplace requires that we continue to think outside of the traditional beverage "box" and manufacturing process. HighBridge has developed a truly innovative product line; one that encompasses a disruptive technology and results in THC-infused beverages that stand apart from the competition.  HighBridge is "PREMIUM BY NATURE".

Our "Taste of Bavaria"  is a "faux beer" product offered at two different THC levels providing two different experiences. This allows our customers to choose their desired THC experience and enjoy their cannabis-infused beverage to the fullest.

Our "Re-Frsh Seltzer"  is a handcrafted sparkling beverage line.  These bubbly botanical seltzers are infused with the highest quality in two purely delicious flavors – Watermelon & Basil, and Cucumber & Mint.  Sip away and enjoy the taste of summer all year round.

Our "HigherLove™"  product is a THC-infused aphrodisiac shot for men and women to swell life’s desires and stimulate the love senses.  Experience the pleasure while relaxing and comforting your mind and body to prepare for a night to remember. Dazzle your taste buds as you enjoy our refreshing Raspberry Mint aphrodisiac shot.

HighBridge is a digital grassroots brand, built from the ground up with a powerful, socially relevant & genuine voice across all media platforms.  Our social media vision is to continue to build a strong network of followers, attract mainstream influencers, and trailblaze the PREMIUM THC-infused beverage digital marketplace.

HighBridge is dedicated to establishing sensible cannabis policy, promoting social responsibility,  and leading the future ongoing professionalization of a highly regulated and increasingly organized cannabis industry. We are committed to sound environmental practices and are investigating ways to provide our products with new sustainable packaging solutions.

We strive to deliver new and innovative ways for you to enjoy our THC-infused beverages. Our future beverage lines are delicious creations you won’t want to miss!