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Meet the team of CMC-KUHNKE at the 2021 Cannabis Drinks Expo in November

CMC-KUHNKE is the global leader in the supply of QA inspection equipment for for the canning industry. They have provided systems to a wide range of beverage companies for over 40 years.

CMC-KUHNKE is the leading supplier of double seam inspection systems into the beverage industry. With thousands of installations world wide, and 50 years of experience, CMC-KUHNKE is in a unique position to provide you the assurance you need for quality canning. 

CMC-KUHNKE has a range of measurement solutions to fit your budget, experience, and the goals of your business. Our service team provides in depth, tailored training at installation. Over the last 5-10 years CMC-KUHNKE has worked extensively with the craft beverage industry – be it Craft beer, Cider, Wine, or Cannabis Drinks. This partnership and experience with over 250 installations has created a suite of products specifically designed for these markets. 

CMC-KUHNKE has long had the reputation for providing the highest quality and accuracy of gauging. CMC-KUHNKE’s double seam inspection solutions include industry leading accuracy and repeatability throughout our gauges, and our SEAMview and Visionary software options combine user friendly interfaces with highly customizable and flexible back ends. CMC-KUHNKE provides the expertise – both through the measurement tools, and our experienced sales & service team – so that those new to canning can be confident in their filling and packaging process. 

CMC-KUHNKE products are designed and manufactured at our Berlin, Germany facility. In the US, CMC-KUHNKE is based in New Castle Delaware, with sales and service personnel around the country.

Please visit for details on our products as well as feedback and references from our extensive customer base.