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Less than 3 months till showtime

We're less than 90 days away from the 2nd Cannabis Drinks Expo.

For anyone curious about the future direction of the cannabis industry in the United States, the place to be in 2021 will be the Cannabis Drinks Expo, hosted by the Beverage Trade Network. This event, taking place on November 11, 2021, in San Francisco and November 15, 2021, in Chicago, will be the biggest global gathering of cannabis drinks professionals ever, bringing together drinks producers, manufacturers, brand owners, distilleries, and brewers all in one place for a spectacular expo and business conference.


November 11, 2021 - South San Francisco Conference Center (11 am to 5 pm) - San Francisco

November 15, 2021 - Mid-West Conference Center (11 am to 5 pm) - Chicago

We only have a few spots remaining for the 1-day event in each state, so if you are interested in exhibiting, we still have few spots left. You can register your interest here.