Photo for: Iron Heart Canning is Exhibiting at the Cannabis Drinks Expo



Iron Heart Canning is Exhibiting at the Cannabis Drinks Expo

Providing mobile canning solutions to small and middle-market companies, Iron Heart Canning Company is opening the path for you to offer a higher-quality product on a competitive platform.

Tyler Wille, the founder of Iron Heart, began planning to open his brewery a few years ago. He came across numerous mobile canning companies while researching packaging possibilities. The service was a no-brainer because of the low cost and convenience. It was unquestionably the most efficient method of getting his beer into cans and store shelves. The only problem was that no one in the Northeast offered the service. As a result, Tyler shelved his brewery plans and founded Iron Heart Canning, New England's first mobile canning company. Iron Heart Canning Company, founded in 2013, is headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire, United States. Iron Heart is a pay-as-you-go service that helps both new and existing breweries acquire new customers and capitalize on the canned-beer trend.


Tyler Wille (CEO) & Joe Marston ( President & COO)

Image Source: Iron Heart Canning Co. Tyler Wille (CEO) & Joe Marston ( President & COO)

Iron Heart's objective is to form strong, long-term relationships with local beverage producers while providing a service that mimics if not exceeds, the benefits of having an in-house packaging line:

 - Customers should be able to profit margins comparable to those of in-house solutions.

 - Maintain scheduling flexibility to deliver dependable, on-demand service to customers.

 - Increasing production-canning volumes while adapting our services to the demands of both large and small producers

 - Provide pay-as-you-go billing so that users only pay for the services they use.

 - Maintain unrivaled customer service and quality-control standards.

Iron Heart Canning provides Mobile Canning Services, Quality Control, Contract & Co-Packing Services, Services for Mixed Culture Products, and Packaging & Material Sourcing. 

Mobile Canning

Image Source: Iron Heart Canning Company, Mobile Canning 

Mobile Canning Services - The company offers outstanding, reliable service, reducing the need for its customers to invest in their own in-house technology. Iron Heart's canned beverage offerings are designed to make it as simple as possible for beverage companies to enter the market. It can be challenging to package artisan things on your own. The mobile canning equipment from Iron Heart is designed to make your packaging days as painless as possible. It specializes in canning beverages of many types, including craft beer, wine, cider, ready-to-drink cocktails, coffee, seltzer, and other still and carbonated liquids. 

Cannabis Drinks Expo taking place on 2nd August 2022, at Midwest Conference Center, Chicago. is an excellent opportunity to connect with Iron Heart Canning Company and get mobile canning solutions for your beverage brand. Get Your Visitors Pass here!

Quality Control Services - The company practices scorched earth sanitation to ensure infection-free packaging. Their practices have been proven successful against STA 1 gene yeast strains, bacteria, and wild yeast. Iron Heart also has a strict beverage type policy and a site testing and microbial analysis lab.

Contract & Co-Packing Services - Iron Heart has all of your packaging needs covered. 

 - Blank and Shrink Sleeve labeled cans

 - Can Ends, Pak-Techs, and Trays 

 - Printed can program 

 - Medium-term warehousing on a pay-as-you-go basis.

 - Pressure-sensitive labels through its labeling partner InTouch

 - In-house supply chain 

Services for Mixed Culture Products - Iron Heart provides a one-of-a-kind service for mixed-culture products. This program allows beverage makers to expand their tinned products into product verticals that have previously been inaccessible to put in a can, thanks to dedicated equipment and customized operational techniques that are entirely separated from its standard mobile canning offering. True sours and live cultures, Brettanomyces or other wild yeast-fermented products, probiotics, Kombucha, and other mixed fermented beverages not ideal for its regular mobile canning practices are among these beverages.

Packaging & Material Sourcing -  Iron Heart has a network of co-packing facilities that can assist you in getting your brand off the ground.

Iron Heart can also manage small batch runs as well as high-volume filling and can even assist you in getting product out the door if your in-house line is down. Dedicated Canning Asset Installations, Date Coding, In-Line Labeling, and Nitro Dosing are just a few of its capabilities.

Co-Packing Services

Image Source: Iron Heart Canning Company, Co-Packing Services 

If you are a beverage brand having an approved recipe already but require a facility to produce and package your drink, Iron Heart can assist you in packaging your beverages. 

Iron Heart Canning Company is exhibiting at the Cannabis Drinks Expo on 2nd August 2022, at Midwest Conference Center, Chicago. So get Your Visitors Pass and meet them along with many other companies that will help your beverage packaging stand out in the market.

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