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Get ready for 2022 Cannabis Drink Expo!

Cannabis beverage industry is coming to San Francisco and Chicago again. This years theme is on growing the category. Its time to plan your trip and get your early bird visitor passes by May 31 and save.

Attending the largest Cannabis Drinks Expo (globally) presented by Beverage Trade Network is not to be missed. This is your chance to see new products in the cannabis drink sector. Partner with professionals, and perhaps discover how to enter this massively growing industry.

Beverages are one of the largest, fastest growing sectors of the cannabis industry. If a drink can be infused with cannabis, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes to obtain optimum health performance and exquisite taste profiles, it is being done. Sophisticated drinks for sophisticated, educated adults.

Come meet the businesses on the leading edge of developing new cannabis beverages. The techniques and products being invented are rigorously tested for consumer efficiency and safety. Presented in an inclusive spirited educational venue there is nothing like networking, meeting other like-minded people that have similar interests in the cannabis domain.

Entrepreneurs are bringing to market innovations in balanced, flavorful cannabis drinks that resonate with consumers' distinguished palates. From sports drinks enhanced with CBD to tonics formulated for health benefit and taste profiles, as well as social beverages intended for use in place of alcohol, or pairing with wine, the cannabis beverage industry is in tune with what consumers are asking from the market.

We will have plenty of well-known brands represented. Names you know, that hold confidence within the consumer market. Don't miss your chance to see and speak with these innovative companies.

A chance for retailers, chefs, labs, chemists, scientists, distillers, producers, equipment specialists, educators, compliance, marketing, distributors, supply chain, and investors to come together to discuss current technologies, trends, and showcase innovative products. A unique time to develop  partnerships, and see what the future of cannabis beverages holds.

Buyers from large MSO's, distilleries, to smaller individually owned companies will be present. Some mergers and acquisitions may even be discussed privately, at the very least a couple of partnerships. The sky's the limit. Don't miss out on THE most important drink expo of the year.

Cannabis Drink Expo Conference 

In addition we will be running conferences with today's leading minds in the cannabis beverage market. The topics to be discussed are at the forefront of what everyone needs to understand when expanding into the cannabis drink sector. Make sure to sign up for these tremendously informative talks! Visitor Registration is now open, and you can get your passes now to save on tickets. Here are the links to register yourself as a trade show visitor:

San Francisco Tickets | Chicgo Tickets

(Book before May 31 to save).