San Francisco | July 27, 2023

Chicago | August 01, 2023

Photo for: Explore the Cannabis Drinks & Edibles markets with us


Explore the Cannabis Drinks & Edibles markets with us

Join us at these must-attend events for those curiously eyeing the future of the burgeoning U.S. cannabis industry.


Cannabis Drinks Expo + Cannabis Edibles Expo is all set to happen this November in Chicago.

The cannabis drinks & edibles sectors are the largest of all cannabis markets for recreational use in the US where it is now legal in a number of states. Anyone interested in attending should register their intent now and take advantage of this unique opportunity in 2021.

For Visitor Registration:

(2 Days of Learning, Networking, Fun, and a whole lot of Cannabis Drinks & Edibles)



November 15-16, 2021
Mid-West Conference Center (11 am to 5 pm)

Cannabis Drinks Expo   Cannabis Edibles Expo

Get More Info:

For more information or questions about the show, please email Christine at / +1 855 481 1112

Important Note: This is a NON-CANNABIS CONSUMPTION and SAMPLE event. Exhibitors are not allowed to distribute, sell, gift, or consume any medicated or live THC products at the venue at all times.

2023 Exhibitor registrations are now open. Get super early bird pricing. Learn more about pricing and benefits.