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Dispensary Owners & Buyers: A Moonshot Opportunity

Owners, buyers, and lovers of all things cannabis; we invite you to the Cannabis Drinks Expo 2021 in San Francisco

What do great cannabis dispensaries have in common with many top fortune 500 companies? 

1) Forward-thinking professionals with an eye on consistent growth
2) Acknowledge the need for education within any emerging growth vertical
3) They collect and make decisions based on good analysis of data
4) Continually researching and developing new technologies
5) They market and promote products directly to clients based on all the above

What Do the Numbers Say?

According to Headset which is a Seattle-based cannabis analytics firm, cannabis-infused drink sales increased by 40.3% in 2020 over 2019 (across all states where cannabis is recreationally legal), outperforming the overall cannabis market which increased 39.4% for the same timeframe.

This year 2021 is already shaping up to surpass the revenue of 2020. Expectations are that the cannabis beverage sector could grow to over $1 BILLION by 2025. Cannabis drinks are the hottest sector today and what your customers are looking for.

Why Cannabis Drinks Now?

Many people are hesitant to try cannabis because they don't want to smoke or vape. Or they might be looking for a way to partake of cannabis without the social stigma attached to smoking or vaping.

Consumers are looking for relief, relaxation, and something with a socializing quality, after the many considerable lockdowns through the pandemic. Cannabis-infused beverages are socially acceptable to use, discreet and enjoyable. Your patrons will love them!

Dispensary owners and buyers, the time is here to discover the newest products and elevate the consumer experience. It's time to incorporate the newest cannabis-infused drink brands into your portfolio and watch revenue shoot to the moon.

The need for education is imperative for dispensary staff as well as consumers. Cannabis-infused beverages are formulated differently from edibles. Water-soluble components break down in the body uniquely. Therefore onset time for reactions is different. 

Many cannabis drinks are produced with the newest technology where lower doses (micro-dosing) can be delivered with advantageous results. Education in consumption and dosing is key to delivering a great cannabis drink brand.

Researchers are constantly testing onset times and duration of effects. Drinks can also be packed with nutrients, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes for an exquisite taste profile and a full Entourage Effect.

Shoot For Over the Moon Revenue - Partnerships

Cannabis dispensaries are already partnering with top researchers, labs, breweries, distilleries, and wineries. Some of the biggest beverage companies have already entered this cannabis beverage space or are considering the possibility.

Brands that have head starts in the cannabis drink sector are: (in no specific order)

House of Saka

In Frame: One of Cannabis Drinks Expo's Exhibitor - House of Saka


House of Saka - non-alcoholic low-dose, infused drinks similar to wine loaded with flavor

Can be found at:

Abide (Napa)

Green Goddess Collective (Venice)


CANN Hi Boys - from popular emulsion packets to premixed CANN beverages with amazing flavors. 2 sizes and doses

Can be found at:

Greenrush (San Francisco)

Kind People's (Santa Cruz)

Mecca Mid City (L.A.)


ReCreate - by Stanley Brothers (Charlotte's Web) a Blueberry Mint Acai elixir micro-dosed. It has energizing botanicals and natural caffeine added

Can be found at:

Farmacy (Berkeley)

Humble Root (Sacramento)

From the Earth (Port Hueneme)


Artet - naturally flavored cocktails blended with a 1:1 ratio THC & CBD in Tea & Tonic and Rosemary Jane

Can be found at:

Dr Greenthumb (L.A.)

Zengaic  (San Ramon)

Solful (Sebastopol )

Other popular cannabis-infused drinks on the market:


(Harmony Craft Beverages & Vertosa)


(Spritzers minus white wine)


(Van Dora)


(fruity seltzers with various cannabinoids)

Owners, buyers, and lovers of all things cannabis; we invite you to the Cannabis Drinks Expo 2021 in San Francisco. Meet our stunning exhibitors, network, browse and enjoy! Learn about new cannabis drink infusion technology, marketing, and how the future of cannabis drinks can raise your bottom line.

Sign up for the educational conferences and lift your knowledge base to a higher level. 

Josh Lizotte

In Frame: One of our 2021 Conference Speakers - Josh Lizotte from Rebel Coast

View 2021 Conference Speakers

Cannabis Drinks Expo promises to be relevant for anyone involved in the development, production, distribution, and retailing of cannabis and beverages. It will also provide a vital networking opportunity for political analysts, medical experts, and those involved in the development and implementation of legalized cannabis into new markets.

Dates and Location:

San Francisco: November 11, 2021 - South San Francisco Conference Center, 255 South Airport Boulevard South San Francisco, CA 94080, United States.

Chicago: November 15, 2021 - Midwest Conference Centre, 401 W Lake St Northlake, Chicago IL 60164, United States.

In Frame: 2019 Cannabis Drinks Expo

Visitor Registration is now open, and you can get your passes now to save on tickets. Here are the links to register yourself as a trade show visitor:

San Francisco Tickets | Chicago Tickets 

If you would like more information, please contact Sid Patel at or call +1 855 481 1112

Written by Teresa Martin, Freelance Copywriter - Cannabis