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Connect with Statco-DSI at the 2022 Cannabis Drinks Expo

Looking for versatility in beverage blending? Statco-DSI Process Systems is exhibiting at the Cannabis Drinks Expo on July 28, 2022, at the South San Francisco Center, San Francisco.

Founded in 1982, Statco-DSI Process Systems is a leading distributor of integrated sanitary processing systems and engineering services. The company offers engineering, system design, project management, sales, installation, training, spare parts, and service to a variety of industries including food, dairy, beverage, brewing, cosmetics, personal care, and biopharmaceutical. They specialize in blending, and processing types of beverages, including cannabis-infused beverages. 


Statco-DSI Process Systems combine creativity, ingenuity, and experience to design a solution that meets and exceeds a brand’s needs. They ensure that each project is completed efficiently and economically with minimum downtime. All Statco-DSI facilities follow 3-A, US Food and Drug Administration, and US Department of Agriculture regulations to offer services and solutions.

Cannabis Drinks Expo 2022 which is going to be held at South San Francisco Center, San Francisco on July 28, 2022, is a great opportunity for you to connect with Statco-DSI Process Systems and improve efficiencies in your processing line. Get Your Visitors Pass here!

Statco-DSI’s Blenzer

Statco-DSI’s Blenzer; Image Source: Statco-dsi

Besides their distribution and parts sales business, Statco-DSI Process System has a strong portfolio of engineered products, some of which are:

Therma-Stat ESL/Aseptic Processing System

Statco-DSI’s Therma-Stat is the most energy-efficient and reliable ESL/Aseptic Processing System in the marketplace. It is built with readily available, domestically supplied components for long term ease-of-maintenance and reduced downtime.

Casers - Case Packing System

Statco-DSI has multiple models of casers including high-speed and low-speed models. The caser machines have a reputation for high production efficiencies, long equipment life, and low cost of ownership.

Blenzer Multi-Stream Inline Blenders

Statco-DSI’s Blenzer is a continuous inline blending system optimized for the beverage industry. It’s an automated system that can replace and outperform almost any traditional batch processing equipment, and do so with a much smaller footprint. It eliminates the need for batch tanks or vessels, simplifies your operation, and delivers repeatable accuracy.

Mixsys Tabletop Shear-Blending Mixing Systems

Statco-DSI’s Mixsys is a high-speed powder blending system that thoroughly incorporates wet and dry ingredients into a liquid stream. MixSys can be used for drum unloading, product mixing, and batch transfer and is accessible from floor level, eliminating the need for a batch platform and resulting in a safer, cleaner work environment.

Hopsys Dry Hopping Systems

Statco-DSI’s dry-hopping module incorporates the unique process of introducing the hop pellet directly into the beer stream under the liquid level, which helps assure consistent wetting and minimal dissolved oxygen pickup.

Statco-DSI’s products are engineered to maximize product yields, ensure product quality, improve efficiency, reduce overall cost, and offer safe operations. They are here to provide start-to-finish support for your projects. Statco-DSI Process Systems designs engineering solutions that make sense.

Statco-DSI Process Systems is exhibiting at the Cannabis Drinks Expo 2022 which is happening on July 28, 2022, at South San Francisco Conference Center, San Francisco. Get Your Visitors Pass for the 2022 Cannabis Drinks Expo and meet them along with many other companies that will help you grow.

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