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Cannabis Drinks Expo concludes yet another year of successful Events!

Another Successful Year of Growing the Category!

The biggest global gathering of cannabis drinks professionals around the world took place on July 28th in San Francisco and August 2nd in Chicago, which brought together MSOs, dispensaries, cannabis growers, packaging companies, co-packers, and flavour suppliers, cannabis drinks brands, service providers of the United States together.

Both San Francisco and Chicago saw a tremendous networking opportunity for anyone curious about the future direction of the cannabis drinks industry in the United States. The theme for the year was “Growing The Category” and Cannabis Drinks Expo saw a significant category growth with the support of all the passionate exhibitors and visitors.

Cannabis Drinks Expo

The following are some of the Chicago conference presentations that provided operators with useful takeaways:

~Synergy of the cannabis industry with alcohol beverage brands By Constellation Brands, which is one of the largest beverage companies in the world.

~Another important synergy that cannabis beverage manufacturers may use is the distribution of alcohol.

~The idea of co-location, in which alcohol and cannabis beverages are supplied and sold together, was a significant topic of debate at the Cannabis Drinks Expo.

~An expert panel discussion on trends in cannabis consumption demographics was held at a session titled "Deciphering Demographics.” 

~The panel also discussed what drives people to consume cannabis edibles and drinkables and how those drivers can be subcategorized as additive or subtractive.

Cannabis Drinks Expo

The conference floor in San Francisco was swept over by a tremendous surge of information, panels, and innovations.

~A conversation on What Investors are Looking for in 2022–2023 and Where is the Money Going was started by Jocelyn Sheltraw.

Jocelyn Sheltraw

~Cann's co-founder Luke Anderson provided some excellent advice on how to raise and spend capital in the early years.

~A stirring panel discussion on navigating the distribution landscape by Paulo Sobral.

Paulo Sobral

Some other important topics that were discussed at the Cannabis drinks expo were:

Cannabis Drinks Expo

-Identifying right target customers

-Having compliant packaging

-How your sales team can play an importat role in the business growth

-Having right manufacturing partners

The Goal for 2023:

After receiving some valuable feedback, meeting MSO’s, Co-Packers and other influencers of the category, we have concluded that the 2023 theme will again be ‘Growing the Category’. We will break down the 2023 theme into 4 main pillars which are as follows:

1. Creating end consumer pull

2. Educating consumers on cannabis beverages

3. Understanding State Bottlenecks

4. Focus on an overall International theme

Our Focus for 2023:

-More visitors from other states. More MSOs and retail buyers. More Co-packers.

-Getting press and media to attend the shows. We will be working on getting more journalists, influencers and media to come to the show. 

-Investors Panel, Press Panel and Legal Panels will also be included in the 2023 conference planning.

-Company Pitch sessions: CDE may introduce pitch sessions where each brand will get 15 minutes to pitch what they are looking for. In attendance will be all kinds of visitors.   

-Bigger show. CDE will have 100 exhibitors in each city in 2023.

-Partnerships with other beverage associations like wine, beer and spirits distributors, retailers. 


Why You need to Register as an Exhibitor at Cannabis Drinks Expo 2023!

~40% of exhibitors have already signed up for 2023 on event days giving the show a great start.

~From September 1, CDE will interview each of its 2023 exhibitors in written and video form and start generating content that will help grow awareness.

~We have reserved 20% of the spots for MSOs, International suppliers and brands and Co-packers for 2023. This means only 40% of the exhibitor spots are left.

~Brands and exhibitors will be featured and promoted on social media from the start.

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