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Cannabis Drinks are in High Demand for Dispensaries: Here’s Why

Beverages are one of the most consumed products across the globe. Cannabis drinks are already taking off within the industry.

Cannabis businesses continuously prove to be promising in their growth. Brands and investors will be all-in for beverages at the Cannabis Drinks Expo 2023. You can expect to become well-acquainted with cannabis-infused products that keep on fascinating consumers thanks to the evolving nature of this beverage category within the market.

With so many different types of products emerging from the cannabis sector, beverages are the one category that continues to electrify the cannabis industry when discussing the bright future and potential for brand success in cannabis drinks.

Let’s talk about a few reasons why cannabis drinks are a big deal to consumers and why we can expect to see the category continue to grow.

Enhancing Social Events with Cannabis

Want to know why cannabis beverages are about to be on the frontier of the industry? Introducing a drinkable form of cannabis consumption is a game changer for family holidays and getting together with friends to watch football.

It’s not likely that you will attend family Thanksgiving with your household bong and flower; it can feel like a lot of work to find a fast way to consume while with the family. On the other hand, beverage consumption is socially acceptable in most situations. Still, it’s an extremely inviting product to consumers who may be uninterested in ever smoking cannabis… but drinking it is a different story for many consumers.

When you walk into the party with a case of cannabis-infused seltzers, sodas, or cocktail mixers — you become the life of the party. Interest will peak, and by the next day, the local dispensary will surely see a spike in beverage sales.

Low Dose Options are Beloved

Consumers who enjoy edibles and beverages can come together on a familiar analogy — go slow and start low. Ideally, you’ll want your cannabis beverage brand to be enjoyed throughout the evening with consumers. When considering dosage measurements for a unique brand, consider your target audience and what the best approach will be.

Compare consuming a single cannabis beverage to a single beer — you hope to start feeling a little buzz but certainly not to feel overwhelmed by the amount of THC and potentially other cannabinoids being joined together in a single beverage.

When you create a low-dose option for consumers, along with a tasty flavor, you can expect your purchasers to consume at least a couple of beverages for a gathering or celebration.


The Best Alternative to Alcohol Consumption

With weed-infused beverages, consumers are seeking alternatives to alcohol. Cannabis users are looking for new ways to consume their favorite green plant.

Both cannabis and alcohol are desirable substances for different reasons, but their antithesis is that first is a plant, and the other is a chemical. At the Cannabis Drinks Expo 2023, there are tons of connections to be made around this topic of conversation. You will be able to meet brands creating products focused on providing that alcohol experience but with cannabis infusions in place of that chemical.

If we look at statistics, we can see that alcohol, being a drink, is considered the highest socially acceptable form of intoxication. Research shows that, however, consumers have started to lower their alcohol intake and are searching for healthier options in terms of beverages. This is where cannabis-infused drinks begin to come into the market.

Discover More Highs at the Cannabis Drinks Expo 2023

This is the event of 2023 for brands and investors alike to come together to support the growing drinks category in the cannabis market. With new states legalizing cannabis, the shows this year will be focused on bringing cannabis drink professionals from all new legal states. 

Save the date for your city and connect with MSOs, dispensaries, growers, packaging companies, co-packers, flavor suppliers, cannabis beverage brands, and other service providers looking to enter the cannabis beverage market.

Register today to attend in San Francisco on July 27th or Chicago on August 1st.

Article by: Hannah (Izer) Vysoky