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Cannabis Beverages: current trends & future predictions

Cannabis Beverages: current trends & future predictions

Jocelyn Sheltraw, Director of Strategy at Headset believes in the power of manifestation. That is what aligned her interests and goals and brought her into the cannabis world. She also believes in the power of knowledge gleaned from data and information. That is what Headset works at and champions for small to medium cannabis businesses out there. 

Here to talk about all this and more, see Jocelyn Sheltraw at the upcoming Cannabis Drinks Expo Conference on November 11, 2021, at the South San Francisco Conference Center. Find her taking the stage at 10.30 am in the Baden room.

Cannabis Beverages: current trends & future predictions: Cannabis sales continue to grow across all legal markets, and with the rise of new form factors, we're seeing new consumers enter the market. This session will explore cannabis beverages, what types of products are popular in the market, who consumes them, brand affinity and brand loyalty, and forecasts for Beverage sales over the next 2 years.    

Jocelyn Sheltraw is the Head of Industry Relations at Headset, responsible for internal and external strategies to build Headset's brand awareness, community development, and market expansion across North America. Jocelyn is a vocal cannabis advocate and industry thought leader, involved in various cannabis associations, committees, social equity programs, as well as a regular speaker at various industry events, podcasts and webinars. Prior to the cannabis industry, Jocelyn spent 10 years working in mobile advertising and technology developing advertising and monetization strategies for apps including Flipboard, Spotify, SoundCloud, Pandora, and Uber to name a few. Outside of work in cannabis, Jocelyn is the Chairperson for the Mono Lake Kutzadika Cultural Preservation.