Photo for: Black-Owned Pot Dispensary becomes Oakland's first!


Black-Owned Pot Dispensary becomes Oakland's first!

Oakland’s Black-Owned Cannabis Dispensary Blunts & Moore, becomes Oakland’s first cannabis equity program dispensary!

On May 19th the city of Oakland announced the commencement of their city’s cannabis equity programme. The equity programme aimed at giving at least half of the city’s cannabis permits equity programme applicants. The city had decided early on to correct the wrongs of the past with the legalization of the drug Epidiolex by the FDA itself. And hence the cannabis equity program is giving first preference for cannabis dispensary licenses to those that have served time when selling weed was a crime.

According to an Agenda Report coming from Darlene Flynn, Director, Dept. of Race & Equity and Greg Minor, Asst. to the City Administrator on February 14, 2017, submitted to Sabrina B. Landreth, City Administrator a number of amendments were taken into account in order to create the city’s equity programme.

The equity criteria truly gave the local households a chance to create dispensaries by placing equity criteria for any individual or entity that applies for a dispensary licence under Oakland’s cannabis equity programme.

Blunts & Moore stands to become the first cannabis dispensary under the Oakland equity programme. They have not only come to become the first cannabis dispensary in the city but a standing testament of how the programme actually works for the betterment of the brown and black community and will continue to repair the consequences of the war on drugs on the same.

In a round table meeting at the same pot dispensary, the Democratic Presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke had a talk about pot legalization and how the war against drugs has done racial unjust.

Co-owners Brittany Moore and Alphonso T. feel extremely lucky since according to Alphonso T “the equity drawn was a lottery” and believe that they want to contribute more and spread the word across Oakland since they truly believe that this equity programme will begin to change lives of a lot of black and brown people in the neighbourhood.

Co-Owner Alphonso T. says “having been arrested for selling cannabis ten blocks from here to selling weed legally is life-changing.” Brittany Moore, on the other hand, said that “Denver does not allow anyone to be a budtender if you were arrested for cannabis which is outrageous.”

The cannabis market has always suffered when it came to infrastructure and dispensaries. Oakland city is delivering that while giving a fair shot to the neighbourhood to re-write the past which is worthy of true appreciation.

The City Council also voted to lower recreational cannabis business tax from 10% to 0.12%. The city understands that it stood at one of the highest tax brackets in the state of California and hence with the introduction of the equity programme the tax issue has been addressed too. This will give the cannabis dispensaries under the equity programme a better chance of survival.

Tax for larger cannabis business is also promised to be addressed soon.

Alphonso T. in the round table meeting with Beto O’Rourke also raised a concern about educating them about what would be the right kind of financial support. The city equity program itself is supporting by providing subsidies and loans for equity applicants and Alphonso T. felt the need for them to be conveyed about it to the license applicants so that they did “not sign their life away” to lenders.

Finally, the equity programme gives a lot of industry-specific technical assistance to the community. It is also encouraging them to turn entrepreneurial by providing business ownership technical assistance. The cannabis equity programme also offers community loan application preparation assistance, for processing and approval.

This year Oakland also saw the opening of an equity distributions business that applied for a $100,000 loan and received his first $25,000 instalment in January. He believes that he wouldn’t be in a position to compete with the big boys if he wasn’t approved for the funding and understands that “Without funding, you’re going to get eaten up by the competition.” says Jessie Grundy, owner of Green Peakz, an equity distribution business in Oakland.

Oakland is committed to creating its equity programme a success. A number of ideas pertaining to job training workshops and providing housing assistance grants for equity applicants are on the table of discussions.

San Francisco this year has 275 applications under process in their own cannabis equity programme and has already approved 4 equity applications which are currently operating their respective business under the equity programme.

Oakland has set a true example to not only cities within the state but also across the US by creating their own equity program for cannabis dispensary licenses and businesses. They truly believe that they are making a difference to not only the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry but moreover to the households that deserve a fair chance especially when they have faced time priorly and sacrificed on the most basic needs like education and normalcy.

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