Photo for: A happy high: The Cannabis Drinks Expo was a lit experience



A happy high: The Cannabis Drinks Expo was a lit experience

Our faith in the Cannabis Drinks category remains as strong as ever looking at the interest and response generated in the industry.

The second edition of the Cannabis Drinks Expo, hosted by the Beverage Trade Network, took place on November 11, 2021, in San Francisco and November 15, 2021, in  Chicago. The theme for the second edition of the Expo was growing your business and growing your bottom line. This edition was a resounding success!

The Cannabis Drinks Expo is for anyone in the Cannabis consumption and lifestyle sphere from producers to consumers, legal advisors and public relations or marketers, to developers, scientists, medical professionals, writers, educators, and related ancillary industries. The conference and expo were brimming with Canna-Curious people sharing a wealth of information along with their business cards, in the hopes of furthering and supporting the cannabis business across the United States, and beyond.

Tara Rozalowsky, VP of Beverages and Edibles at Canopy Growth, presenting at the Cannabis Drinks Expo in Chicago on "A New Sip on Wellness: Mood Management with Cannabis Beverages"

This edition hosted a well-curated expo floor that featured local as well as global brands and individuals who stirred things up in the Cannabis Drinks industry. Networking happened across the board as this B2B expo was graced by Cannabis professionals, industry experts, enthusiasts, and visionaries that took a deep dive into the curiosities around and about legalized cannabis, cannabis drinks, and their trade. Brands, Breweries, and Distilleries also tabled their best beverages and delved into the process behind their creations for the interested.

While the expo focused on the development, production, distribution, and retailing of cannabis and beverages, it also created space for education, community-building, advocacy, policy, social impact, and more. Cannabis Drinks Expo also hosted a conference that provided an insight into the ever-flourishing world of Cannabis Drinks through topics around production, distribution, promotion, growth, and more. Cannabis for wellness, health, and peace of mind was a running theme across the conference. The conversations ranged from starting your own drinks brand, creating a cannabis-infused drinks line, understanding different compliances and legalities, building communities, and being in the trade — all under one roof.

Cannabis Drinks Expo Floor
Canna-Curious Attendees engaging with Cannabis Drinks Expo Exhibitors in a completely COVID-SAFE environment.

The biggest success of the expo was the interest buzzing around the room regarding cannabis-infused beverages. This buzz also translated into many, many questions by the enthusiasts being answered via the conference as well as by brands on the expo floor. The scope of the industry’s growth could also be gauged just by the nuance of these conversations. While all eyes are set on the legalization of cannabis across different states, it is a revolution waiting to expand in the drinks industry. The Cannabis Drinks Expo is a testimonial to the same.

All conversations from both the conferences will soon be available on The Beverage Trade Network YouTube channel and on the website. The 2022 Cannabis Drinks Expo is just around the corner and more details about the Expo will be available soon.

Until next year! We’ed stay in touch?