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2023 Cannabis Drinks Expo Dates Announced

We are all set & excited for Cannabis Drinks Expo 2023 after this year's successful events in San Francisco & Chicago. The Cannabis Drinks Expo will take place on July 27th in San Francisco & August 1 in Chicago in 2023.

The Cannabis Drinks Expo will bring together beverage producers, manufacturers, brand owners, distilleries, and brewers for a stunning one-day expo, making it the largest global gathering of cannabis beverage experts ever.

This year’s event in both San Francisco and Chicago saw potential networking opportunities for anyone curious about the future direction of the cannabis drinks industry in the United States. What took place on July 28 in San Francisco and on August 2 in Chicago were two of the biggest global gathering of cannabis drinks professionals around the world and brought together MSOs, dispensaries, cannabis growers, packaging companies, co-packers, flavor suppliers, cannabis drinks brands, service providers of the United States together.


This year's theme for the show was "Growing The Category," Thanks to the support of all the exhibitors and attendees who are passionate about tightening the reins, the Cannabis Drinks Expo saw a strong category expansion.

2023 Cannabis Drink Expo will focus on assisting anyone wishing to enter the market in learning about and developing new products. It will also assist established companies in expanding into new states by connecting them with local producers. It will uncover fresh avenues for cannabis beverage marketing and sales and assist distributors and retailers in creating their own store brands. It will look for fresh approaches to cannabis beverage development to increase the market share of end users.

The 2023 show's main goal will be to grow the entire category by highlighting exhibitors who can contribute to it, fostering networking possibilities, and highlighting existing multi-state bottlenecks. Instead of focusing on states, the program will have a global and national audience. Multistate operators will congregate here to identify synergies, do business, and support the category's expansion.

Cannabis Drinks Expo is a must-attend show for all cannabis industry professionals. Do not miss out on this opportunity. 2023 Cannabis Drinks Expo Visitor registration is now open.

San Francisco - July 27, 2023

Chicago - August 01, 2023


Get Discounted Tickets Before June 15. Per City Pricing Below.

Expo Floor Only Pass - Free

Conference + Lunch + Cocktail Party + Expo Floor Only Pass -  $ 200

For visitors' registration- register here for the SF event and here for the CH event.

To know more about the Cannabis Drinks Expo, please visit Drinks Cannabis Expo