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Why The Future Of Cannabis Is In Beverages - Terence Donnelly

Terence Donnelly explained a key fact on how Cannabis Beverages can be the best alternative to Alcohol-based beverages.

With the Cannabis industry taking a leap in the United States, the Cannabis Drinks Expo Conference saw insights from Chairman & CEO of Hill Street Beverage Co. - Terry Donnelly. 

He believes that there's a disruptive opportunity for cannabis beverages as an alternative to alcohol and has been in the same format as Wine, beer and spirits for thousands of years without any real disruption. So we believe there's a real opportunity to provide consumers with cannabis beverages as a healthier and safer alternative. 

Donnelly delved into the details of why cannabis-infused drinks are ready to take off as a new product category. Adding up a reason to it is - Lot of companies are looking at beverages as an alternative system for cannabis and also we can view it as an alternative to alcohol.

He highlights what companies should be doing to prepare for this coming wave of cannabis-infused beverages in the US marketplace. 

"The biggest killer on the planet is stress, and I still think the best medicine is and always has been Cannabis" - Willie Nelson