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A Must-See or Know About Cannabis Event, 2023!

With the cannabis industry growing its opportunities & legalities in the year 2023, it opens up to many events, festivals, and brands, to challenge and grow their businesses.

Exploring the opportunities of brands growing in this category, and visitors attending such events, we need to create more awareness of Cannabis Beverages. 

Though as stated every time on the internet, CBD Drinks are not for everyone, we slightly disagree with that. CBD Infused Beverages are the safest and most excellent option if you are new to trying out CBD.


The cannabis industry has grown broader dramatically and has increased its legalities, and changed its dynamics & leverage for brands. 

The legalization and sale of cannabis are advancing rapidly not only in the U.S. but globally. Global cannabis sales are expected to increase from $13.4 billion in 2020 to $148.9 billion by 2031.

Some Challenges That The Cannabis Category Faces:

1) As it grows fast & changes rapidly, the legalities landscape needs to be evolved

2) As the legal cannabis industry continues to mature, more established companies outside of the industry are expanding their foothold, and we as brands, and consumers need to develop & explore

3) New trends that are transforming into the Cannabis Category, like edibles, sparkling waters, oils, soaps, and Cannabis-Infused Beverages! And how we collaborate, expand, deal, trade, and market with them

4) New/ Growing untapped cannabis companies, investors, and brands that are upcoming and need to be known by fellow professionals in the category

5) Unveiling discussions of the category, services, products, growth, expansion, and application in business

6) More broadly sphere faces industry-specific and economic-specific challenges

7) Consumer spending on perceived items or products, how to potentially include cannabis products

What are Unveiling Curtains for The Cannabis Category in 2023?

The global cannabis market is expected to grow and its use becoming in the year 2023. Accepting in society is turning out to be a great potential. 

These trends will also create a violate increase in the demand, supply, and business of the product, which will encourage more businesses, investors, ventures, products, consumers, etc for the category. 

Few Things You Can Do To Stay Ahead In the Cannabis Industry!

1) Stay updated with its news and insights ( add CDE reader information here)

2) Know your target market and its audience

3) Understand the legalities and federal regulations of the industry 

4) Understand and accept, dwell into business opportunities for the Cannabis Category

5) Visit bars, and places that serve cannabis-infused products and give them a try 

6) Explore the range of products within the category 

7) Network with fellow professionals from the category 

8) Know your brands more 

9) Get involved and explore opportunities of becoming a supplier in the cannabis beverage industry 

10) Learn about new trends, market forecasts, and key players in the market

With its growing trends and demands, Cannabis Drinks Expo is the must-see event to grow, visit, explore, and share opportunities for the Cannabis Industry. Cannabis Drinks Expo's goal and theme for 2023 remains “Growing the Category”. With new states becoming legal, the 2023 show will be focused on bringing cannabis drinks professionals from all new legal states as well, with a key focus on MSOs, dispensaries, cannabis growers, packaging companies, co-packers, flavour suppliers, cannabis drinks brands, service providers that are in or looking to enter the Cannabis Beverage category.

Extensive research was done at this year's show with the stakeholders to discuss the theme for 2023. After analyzing more than 50 feedback forms, and meeting MSOs, Co-Packers, and other influencers of the category, we have concluded that the 2023 theme will again be ‘Growing the Category’. The 2023 theme will be broken down into 4 main pillars. Each pillar, as followers, will be marketed all year round to help the category grow.


One of the main challenges our cannabis drinks category faces is to create end consumer demand. CDE will work with speakers, visitors, exhibitors, and media to create more end-consumer awareness of Cannabis Beverages. The ultimate consumer demand will help dispensaries and retailers stock cannabis beverages which will help the entire supply chain.


The second pillar that CDE will focus on will be inducing end consumers with more technical information on why they should ‘try’ cannabis beverages. CDE will work with key influencers in the next 12 months to educate current cannabis consumers on cannabis beverages and also craft beer, wine, and spirits drinkers on how cannabis beverages can also be part of their social consumption.


One of the common feedback CDE got was to have other state co-packers and MSOs at both locations as they are key to unlocking some logistical and legal bottlenecks that we have in place in the US market. CDE will work on getting leading co-packers and MSOs as exhibitors in 2023. This will help current and new brands expand their distribution.


2023 will also focus on bringing new state and international participants and will have a national and international panel discussion on how brands can partner with US companies and how US companies can partner with foreign companies to grow. All of the above pillars will have one goal: Growing the Category.


San Francisco: July 27, 2023, South San Francisco Conference Center, 255 South Airport Boulevard South San Francisco, California

Chicago: August 1, 2023, Morgan MFG, 401 N Morgan St Suite #204A, Chicago, IL 60642, United States

Book your exhibitor spot with just 25% down right now. Select the city below. (An additional 10% discount will be applied to the total invoice if exhibiting at both venues):


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