San Francisco | July 28, 2022

Chicago | August 02, 2022

Photo for: Scientific Panel : Cannabis - Dr. Arup Sen, Dr. Jennifer Stamps & Alexey Peshkovsky


Scientific Panel : Cannabis - Dr. Arup Sen, Dr. Jennifer Stamps & Alexey Peshkovsky


About Dr. Arup Sen

He is a Biochemist and spent 25 years in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry. Twelve years ago, he got into the plant chemicals with a focus on presenting the whole plant portfolio phytochemicals both in water solutions as well as in free oils. 

About Dr. Jennifer Stamps

With a Science background in Human Chemosensory functions like the taste and smell flavor perception. Besides, she also has a Medical Degree in Neurology. At present, she is working as Clinical Neuroscientist at Trait Biosciences which mainly focuses on making hemp and cannabis purer and safer products for everyone to enjoy.

Alexey Peshkovsky, Ph.D.Industrial Sonomechanics, LLC / President and Chief Scientific Officer. They have been around for 14 years with the pharmaceutical industry background.  Their business model is to enable other companies to make their own water compactable Bioactive Formulations. 

Science and technology are a huge part of the business world. All industries across the spectrum are delving deeper into science and technology - the Cannabis sector being no exception. As the cannabis industry in the US is growing, science and technology are growing alongside it, aiding in expanding the cannabis industry.

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