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Breweries Equipment Manufacturers: Heritage Equipment

BCast, a unit of Heritage Equipment, offers a variety of commercial brewery equipment for breweries of all sizes.


The Heritage Equipment Company’s philosophy is truly unique in the process equipment marketplace. They offer equipment from stock and specialize in the immediate delivery of new and reconditioned equipment.

BCast Stainless offers a variety of commercial brewery equipment for breweries of all sizes including mash/lauter vessels, boil kettles, stainless steel brewhouses, whirlpools, fermenters, and bright tanks. They offer individual pieces of commercial brewery equipment, both custom and used brewery equipment, as well as complete pre-assembled systems. And they offer full support, from brewery sizing to delivery and installation.

They can provide you with used brewery equipment, or custom brewing systems. From microbrewery to large scale brewer, they have the equipment you need.


BCast Stainless commercial brew houses come in multi-vessel configurations and feature 304 stainless steel constructions with a brewer’s platform, wort pumps, grant, and heat exchanger. Our brewhouse systems are available in custom capacities and include automatic and semi-automatic controls.

BCast brew house equipment is ideal for breweries of all sizes within craft brewing. They offer individual pieces of equipment including grist cases, mash and lauter vessels, boil kettles and whirlpools, both custom and used, as well as complete turnkey systems. They also offer full support, from brewery sizing to delivery and installation.



BCast mash/lauter tuns are built completely of stainless steel and can be customized entirely to your needs. Whether you are looking for smaller, single tanks for nano/pilot systems or large, full rake agitation systems with combination vessels or separate mash mixer and lauter tuns, they can create the tanks you need for your brewing procedure. All tanks come standard with full CIP, vorlauf and hot liquor piping, false bottoms, and heavy duty agitation on systems 15BBL and above.




500-gallon-boil-kettle.jpgBCast Stainless Products stainless steel boil/brew kettles are constructed of stainless steel and disperse heat evenly to provide proper sterilization and concentration of wort. They are outfitted with multiple draw points with tri-clamp fittings for the clean knockout and easy trub removal. BCast whirlpools are constructed of stainless steel and can be completely customized to your needs. Whether you are adding your whirlpool to an existing system for greater efficiency, or including one in a full upgrade of your brewhouse, BCast whirlpools will settle out your wort through multiple draw points and leave you with an easily removable trub pile.


10-bbl-fermenters.jpgBCast fermenters are tailor-made for craft breweries of all sizes. They are built for sanitary construction from 304 stainless steel; 60° cones with fully rotating racking arm assemblies come standard, along with dry hop ports and separate CIP and blowoff downpipes. The outlet of the tank comes with a fully removable 3” port reducer to make yeast cake removal easier. All tanks are fully jacketed and insulated for glycol cooling. They also stock fermenters in 10, 30 & 60 BBL volumes, ready to ship.


35-bbl-brite-tank.jpgBCast bright tanks are tailor-made for craft breweries of all sizes. Carb stone ports, sample valve ports, thermowells, and a side manway come standard, as do CIP sprayballs and lines. Several styles of level gauges for tax determination are available, and extra ports for simultaneous kegging and bottling/canning can be added in any desired configuration. They have built single shell bright tanks for serving directly to tap lines and fully jacketed, insulated brights for production facilities.


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