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QBD & Minus Forty is Coming to the 2022 Cannabis Drinks Expo

Looking for smart refrigeration solutions? QBD & Minus Forty are exhibiting at the Cannabis Drinks Expo on July 28, 2022, at South San Francisco Center, San Francisco, and in Chicago on 2nd August 2022 at Midwest Conference Center.

QBD & Minus Forty are leading manufacturers of commercial refrigeration equipment, including freezers, coolers, and refrigerated merchandising products. For over 30 years, both companies have designed, built, and manufactured refrigerated merchandising solutions for the food service and beverage industries. They deliver reliable, high-quality commercial refrigerated solutions with superior performance that surpass industry standards.


QBD is a leader in beverage cooler sales and high-concept, energy-efficient, and customized refrigerated displays. Minus Forty develops superior product presentation coolers and freezers that are enhanced by industry-leading smart/IoT technology. They are comprehensive manufacturers with a vertical focus on engineering, manufacturing, sales & marketing, logistics & distribution.

QBD & Minus Forty offer both sustainable, environmentally conscious, and smart, cutting-edge refrigeration along with custom solutions to improve your brand recognition. 

Cannabis Drinks Expo 2022 is going to be held at South San Francisco Center, San Francisco on July 28, 2022, and at Midwest Conference Center, Chicago on 2nd August 2022. It is a great opportunity for you to connect with QBD & Minus Forty which can help your business grow with sustainable and effective refrigerated solutions. Get Your Visitors Pass here! 

Products Offered by QBD

 - Beverage Coolers

 - Display Cases

 - Counter Tops

 - Grab & Go

 - Combination Cases

 - Heated Display Cases

 - Beer Coolers

 - Pharmacy Coolers

 - Solid/Glass Door Reach-in Coolers/Freezers

 - Under Counters & Prep. Tables

 - Specialty Freezer

QBD Beer Cooler

QBD Beer Cooler; Image Source - QBD

All the above products offered by QBD can be custom-modified and are also available in several varying sizes. 

QBD commercial refrigeration products are made with in-house production of metal fabrication, plastic liners, glass doors, wire shelving, welding, and woodshop. They deliver a complete lineup of green-friendly systems with high-efficiency compressors, motors, lighting, and other energy management systems.

Products Offered by Minus Forty

 - Glass Door Freezers 

 - Glass Door Refrigerators 

 - Glass Door Dual-Temperatures 

 - Accessories such as Wire Baskets, Wire Shelves, Beverage & Food Dispensers, and Custom Graphics

Minus Forty Glass Door Refrigerators

Minus Forty Glass Door Refrigerators; Image Source - Minus forty

All the above products offered by Minus Forty come in several varying sizes along with the single door, double door, and low profile options. 

Minus Forty freezer and refrigerator merchandisers are extremely durable and require low maintenance. Every unit comes with high-intensity LED strips, casters for easy placement, a self-closing torsion bar door, and an optional smart-lock health timer that constantly monitors temperature and safeguards stored food products. 

Both QBD & Minus Forty companies have a robust track record of premium product design and innovation. Their combined experience and specialized knowledge in the form of the best refrigeration solutions help you preserve the integrity of your product and run a sustainable business. Connect with QBD & Minus Forty and keep your beverages chilled!

QBD & Minus Forty is exhibiting at the Cannabis Drinks Expo 2022 which is happening on July 28, 2022, at South San Francisco Conference Center, San Francisco, and at Midwest Conference Center, Chicago on 2nd August 2022. Get Your Visitors Pass for the 2022 Cannabis Drinks Expo and meet them along with many other companies that will help you grow.

Header Image Source: QBD