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Nielsen Says Legal Cannabis Sales in US to Touch $41 Billion

Nielsen predicts legal cannabis sales in the US to reach $41billion by 2025.

Cannabis was brought into the light in Nielsen Company’s 2019 Total Consumer Report. The data and information company predicted the sales of cannabis consumer packaged goods to rise five times of 2018’s sales.

They estimate that the sales of all legal cannabis items in the U.S. could reach $41 billion by 2025. This incorporates all items made from the marijuana plant and the hemp plant and all mixes made from cannabis sativa.

This was just one piece of information that Nielsen revealed in the report and the supporting analysis - “Brace For Impact : US CPG Cannabis Sales To Rise By The Billions”. Through these reports, Nielsen gave some intriguing bits of knowledge into the cannabis market and cannabis-intrigued purchasers, particularly when looking at how the business has developed from 2014, when cannabis was legitimate just crosswise over two states, to 2018, when legalization turned out to be increasingly far reaching.

Projected U.S. Cannabis Sales

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During this timespan, as more sorts of products and techniques for cannabis usage wound up accessible, individuals' preferences for how they were expending turned out to be increasingly different. In 2014, 77% of legitimate buyers were purchasing bloom, contrasted with 48% of offers being ascribed to blossom in 2018. Vapor pen deals ascended from 4% to 19% over this timeframe. Edibles remained moderately stale with an individual 9% and 11% of offers in 2014 and 2018. Different arrangements, like capsules, drinks, topicals and tinctures ascended from 10% to 22%.

Reports show that there has been a noteworthy brand blast in the course of the most recent four years that can't be overlooked. In 2014, just 166 cannabis brands existed, contrasted with the 2,650 that currently make up the cannabis business' image program, becoming sevenfold in four years.

In addition to the fact that Nielsen dug into purchaser information to endeavor to foresee the fate of the cannabis business, yet they additionally discharged some intriguing information put together bits of knowledge with respect to the normal "cannabis-intrigued" U.S. native:

In addition to Nielsen’s purchaser information to see the future of the cannabis business, they also dug into some intriguing information and put together insights on the average cannabis interested US citizen.

  • They are twice as likely to have tobacco products in their household, with cannabis-interested adults making up 65% of the population who are trying to quit smoking. Forty-one percent of whom would consider using cannabis for smoking cessation;
  • They are 41% more likely to drink beer, with 1 in 5 cannabis consumers saying they spend less on store-bought beer as a result of consuming cannabis;
  • They are 36% more likely to have neck and back pain, with 65% of cannabis-interested consumers using over-the-counter pain medications to manage pain, and 35% of that group considering using cannabis as a replacement to these OTC medications

About Nielsen

Nielsen is an overall information and data worldwide research firm that gives solid and target data on promoting and deals program. Most generally known for the "Nielsen Ratings", a group of people estimation framework, Nielsen additionally gives information and data to socioeconomics, CPG and retail, and markets and funds.


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