Photo for: Just keep rollin’: 2021 Cannabis Drinks Expo was a great success



Just keep rollin’: 2021 Cannabis Drinks Expo was a great success

Heartfelt gratitude to all participants and stakeholders of the 2021 Cannabis Drinks Expo in San Francisco and Chicago for such interest and enthusiasm and for making it a super hit show again.

The Cannabis Drinks Expo is for anyone in the Cannabis consumption and lifestyle sphere from producers to consumers, legal advisors and public relations or marketers, to developers, scientists, medical professionals, writers, educators, and related ancillary industries. The second edition of the Cannabis Drinks Expo, hosted by the Beverage Trade Network, took place on November 11, 2021, in San Francisco and November 15, 2021, in  Chicago. The theme for the second edition of the Expo was growing your business and growing your bottom line.

The cannabis-infused drinks sector is exploring innovative methods for creating palatable drinks that are infused with CBD and/or THC in various measurable dosing increments and ratios, each of which has different physical and psychotropic attributes. Drinks range from fizzy low-dose seltzers to dealcoholized canna-infused wines, spirits, and beers, alongside fruity and floral mixers and libations.

Endless opportunities on the expo floor

Cannabis Drinks Expo Exhibitors engaging with prospective buyers

The Cannabis Drinks industry has been propelling towards expansive growth that is both qualitative and quantitative. Cannabis Drinks enthusiasts that are curious about entering the industry with their own product, collaborating with existing brands in the game, or just curious to learn what would be the next big trend met brands that are paving the way in this industry. This allowed for enthusiasts to be bewildered by the possibilities of experimentation in this space as well as support the businesses of their interest. It also built a space to ask questions regarding ideation, production, distribution, and more to the people who are actually in it to win it. Collaborations amidst the brands and individuals were also made possible due to the networking opportunities on the expo floor.

Speakers enthrall enthusiasts through the conference

This year’s Cannabis Drinks Expo Conference in both Chicago and San Francisco featured many speakers from all walks of the cannabis drinks life. Panels in both the conferences addressed topics such as wellness, health, and peace of mind, starting your own cannabis drink brand, What Women Want from Their Infused Beverages, key regulatory questions for cannabis beverages, working with distributors, how the Cannabis Beverage Industry Can Succeed, a mixology demonstration, and more.

Dr. A. Peshkovsky
Dr. A. Peshkovsky, President & CSO, Industrial Sonomechanics, LLC, presenting at the Cannabis Drinks Expo on the topic of "Water-Soluble" Cannabis: Ultrasonic Production of Liquid and Powdered Nanoemulsions of CBD, THC and/or Other Cannabinoids

The range of these conversations in the conference as well as on the expo floor brought to light the curiosity and interest that enthusiasts, as well as seasoned people in the beverage trade, possess when it comes to Cannabis Drinks. The future for the Cannabis Drinks Industry does surely look lit!

All conversations from both the conferences will soon be available on The Beverage Trade Network YouTube channel and on the website. The 2022 Cannabis Drinks Expo is just around the corner and more details about the Expo will be available soon.

Until next year! We’ed stay in touch?