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Connect with Javo Beverage at the 2022 Cannabis Drinks Expo

Javo is exhibiting at the Cannabis Drinks Expo in Chicago on 2nd August 2022 at the Midwest Conference Centre. Don't miss out on this opportunity to know more about this master of extraction.

Founded in 2001, using proprietary technology, Javo is an extraction company that focuses on the food and beverage industry using clean ingredients and crafts products for emerging and established brands around the globe. Product Quality, Speed And Agility, Technical Expertise, and Customer First Approach are what make Javo different from others. 


Javo partners with wholesalers and bulk ingredient procurement companies and also coffee roasters and emerging brands. Their target clientele is roasters, restaurants, coffee shop chains, convenience stores, distributors, and non-commercial operators in healthcare. Customers who buy their products in bulk are generally packaged goods brands and beverages manufacturing companies. 

Javo’s portfolio consists of a wide range of coffee, tea, ingredients, flavors & extracts which they have kept on improving over the years and are of excellent quality. Some of their products are listed below - 

Private Label Blends

Private Label Blends

Java offers its services to private coffee brands in creating a coffee blend according to customers' choices. These can be delivered in custom bag-in-a-box, private-labeled product, ready-to-drink product, or can leverage one of many existing small-batch, craft roasted coffee blends for the use of the customers.

Hand Mix Coffee Products

Hand Mix Coffee Products

Concentrates and extracts eliminate the process of brewing. Thus these products are convenient, hassle-free, save labor hours, and eliminate the potential for flavor inconsistency. One 16-ounce bottle of concentrate can make up to one-gallon pitcher of a customized, hand-made beverage and offers the fresh flavor as a freshly brewed coffee. 

We offer a wide range of delicious, prepared coffee extracts and concentrates for hand-mix, including:

 - Cold-brew coffee extracts

 - Iced latte concentrates

 - Frozen frappe concentrate

 - Espresso syrups

Cold Brew Tea

Cold Brew Tea

The extraction process starts by procuring the finest quality tea leaves. Water at a lower temperature is used which helps in capturing highly- concentrated extracts without any further process required. A lot of studies suggest that caffeine can increase cognitive performance which is vital for learning and memory building. Customers these days want natural, healthy beverages. Cold Brew Tea serves up to requirements and meets the needs of today's customers. The product line for Cold Brew Tea is quite exciting and flavorful. 

 - Green Tea – Tea from China containing immune-enhancing antioxidants

 - Black Tea – Ceylon tea with higher levels of potassium than teas from other regions

 - Prickly Pear Hibiscus – Caffeine-free tea from hibiscus flowers

Tea & Coffee Extracts

In a cup or in a plate, sweet or savory, Javo has taken the tea & coffee to new heights with their extracts. These extracts are natural, organic and are featured in functional drinks, dairy, and dessert items. Javo is proudly certified with Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade, and other sustainability-sourced products. 

Their extracts come in a wide range of options and are excellent in taste. Let's take a look at their portfolio - 

Coffee Extracts

Coffee Extracts

 - Brazil Smooth chocolaty and nutty flavors with low acidity, a great base blend

 - 100% Colombian Sweet, nutty with a hint of sweetness, mellow acidity

 - Ethiopian Bright, fruit and floral notes, pleasant acidity

 - Guatemalan Lemon, cocoa, bright acidity

 - Mexican Gentle sweetness and spices, medium-bodied, a great base blend

 - Peruvian Balanced, medium-bodied, with nutty, chocolate undertones, middle acidity

Tea Extracts

Tea Extracts

 - Black Teas have several varieties available: Robust, full tannin flavors with appealing astringency

   1. Assam Brew Dark reddish brown-tone strong black tea, distinctly malty notes

   2. Ceylon Tea Distinct red color mild, smooth tea is grown in a medium, low area

   3. Chai Tea Spicy cinnamon and aromatic spices with underlying smooth black tea

   4. English Breakfast Tea Traditional all-around blend, smooth, mild tea flavor

 - White Teas have a pleasant taste, sweet and fresh aroma, mild body, and sweet flavor

 - Silver Needle White Tea Light and floral white tea with a pleasant sweetness 

 - Green Teas have a pleasant taste and fresh aroma

 - Sencha Green Tea Green tea taste with a pleasant, earthy aroma

 - Oolong Tea has golden brown tones, full-bodied, smooth tea with flavors ranging between green and black tea

Javo is exhibiting at the Cannabis Drinks Expo 2022 which is happening at Midwest Conference Center, Chicago on 2nd August 2022. Get Your Visitors Pass for the 2022 Cannabis Drinks Expo and meet them along with many other companies that will help you grow!

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